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Originally Posted by leslie View Post
I know I feel uneasy about this arrangement, but I keep thinking that somehow I will be able to get used to this.
Ya, bad sign. Getting used to it should never be an option. Poly is not to get used to, it's to love the way of life... otherwise,,, if you have read anything on this forum, you will see that "getting used to it" spells disaster and hopelessness. Why would you want to live like that? Why would you want to just settle for something when you could have fantastic?

This poly journey is a lot of hard work for those of us who love to love others... I can't even begin to imagine the work if I didn't sign up for this....

I suggest you do some reading on here, especially on the life stories and blogs section where you will find many monogamous people trying to make do with their lives and partners poly tendencies... they didn't know they were getting into poly when they married, had kids, bought a house etc... you do!!!! I hate to say it, but if you are monogamously minded...? Save yourself!!! Move on and find what works for you better.
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