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I am a wife of 18 years and recently have met a couple who we (my husband and I) connected with immediatley. He with her and me with him. The connection is amazing. We have grown together and been through so much in the past few months that we all thought we were alone. After researching on the internet we are finding out that the feelings we have for one another are shared with many others, and that is great, Our relationship started out as just sexual, experimental to respark the romance in the marriages. Well things went a lot deeper than that and emotions became apparent in us all. After long drawn out communications between us all it was obvious that this was what we all wanted and was all on the same playing field. I am truely in love with my husband, but also in love with my partner. It is amazing. I am happy to have a forum like this one to get information, and also express any ideas we have come across to others who have questions. This is great.
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