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Default Is this a good test?

Before my partner and I get married, he wanted to "test" how we would do as a poly couple. He arranged a weekend with an old lover and I agreed to see how I would feel about it.
It didn't work out as we all expected and he cut it short and came home after I freaked out when he turned off the phone and didn't answer texts or email.
We agreed to put this on hold for a while and let our relationship develop before trying this again, with better communication.
Now I am thinking the whole poly thing seems to benefit him, and not me particularly. It just seems like letting him have a sanctioned affair from time to time.
Does this sound hopeless to you? We generally have good communication and really are in love with each other. He also loves her, but is willing to postpone further sexual activity until I am ready.
I am starting to think I am just monogamous.
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