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Originally Posted by Karma View Post
Gotta agree with my wife on this one. If my gf was in the hospital, whatever plans I had going on just got cancelled. Period. Likewise, if Mohegan had a medical emergency, I would be (have been) right there ASAP, and I imagine that my gf would be driving me crazy asking what she could do to help

The fact that he didn't even offer to change plans or visit..... sounds to me like you're just a plaything to him, dear. That's really messed up, IMO.
I must admit I'm starting to feel more like a "plaything". Even after calling him earlier this week and telling him I'd like to talk about some concerns I had about poly and our relationship but that I knew right then wasn't a good time (they were just finishing up a sporting event her son was in), he has yet to call me back. And that was 4 days ago. I tried to call him again last night and left a message that I'd like to talk with him. He didn't return my call. I think this relationship is rapidly falling apart.

Thanks to each of you for your support and feedback.
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