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I keep hearing that, unfortunately, the only one I've met happens to be married to my mother. lol SOOO not apropriate. And he has qualities that I'm not looking for. And I am very much like my mother in a lot of ways. I know I need someone that is happy to help with out fighting me about control. I do have control issues, that I do work on, but I've long recognized that I'm going to have to be pretty much the one in charge. That's a need that's going to be very difficult for anyone to accomodate. Because of that I can see why the suggestion of being a secondary is a good one, but I can't imagine not being at the center of a relationship. So finding a partner than can step back and let me do my thing, and yet is also perfectly capable of stepping in to help when things go sideways... Maybe I'm expecting too much. I have this wonderful little fantasy of coming home to a happy househusband? that's got the house clean, and dinner ready and a husband that comes home and helps me support us financially, well enough that between us, we get everything taken care of, and can still go play. It's a nice thought but....I'm not sure how feasible it is. As for the few partners...I've obviously been coming across the wrong guys, because while many of them have said they like that idea...they're gone faster than the roadrunner when they realize that they really aren't getting any. But I'm a stubborn broad and I got lots of pillows, I'm not giving it up just cause someone says they like me. I'm cheap, not easy as they say, lol Am I making any sense at all? lol
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