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Originally Posted by chouette View Post

1) Does anyone have suggestions for constructive ways to communicate with potential new lovers about being in a poly relationship?

2) When is the right time to tell the new person about being poly? (Immediately? Before the first date? Before the first kiss? Before sex? Wait until they ask?). What’s the etiquette?

3) I live in France, but my French language skill is still pretty weak. Does anyone know of English-language poly groups or resources in Paris? I have found some websites, but its all in a language that I only partly comprehend.
  1. Introduce them to everyone you're dating. In your case, introduce your new interest to your wife and her boyfriend.
  2. This depends on the situation, I'd say. I agree with Propast that, in general, the earlier the better. People who are "scared off" by poly- relationships aren't good people for poly- people to date! But... people who are scared off by awkward, TMI poly- confessions might be okay people to date. Use your good judgement about when your relationship has gotten to the point where you would share the details of your love life, and talk about it as a normal part of the conversation.
  3. Learn French. You're in Paris! Why waste your time practicing a language you already speak?
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