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Originally Posted by clairegoad View Post
Homosexuality was dropped when DSM-II became DSM-III in 1980. Until the DSM-III-R came out in 1987, ego-dystonic homosexuality was a diagnosis.

Three issues are here: Does a behavior impair activities of daily living? and can treatment improve condition/modify behavior? Should insurance pay to treat this condition?

A major change from previous versions was the inclusion of a clinical significance criterion to almost half of all the categories, which required symptoms cause “clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning”. So essentially, if a person is not bothered by his symptoms (and if the legal system is not bothered), it is not diagnose-able.
But it seems that part of the issue here is that for many people who are "deviating from the norm" in some way, their daily life *is* severely impacted. The tendency then seems to be that the problem lies with the individual who isn't "fitting in," not with the society which refuses to accept them. Back when homosexuality was still in the DSM, of course it was impairing activities of daily living for a whole lot of people. It's hard to function very normally in a society that shuns you. But that shouldn't be the "patient"'s problem, it's a problem with society. And I'm not just talking about "amateur" psychologists here; I think there's a big problem with psychology turning things to an illness which in essence amount to "doesn't fit in with the norms."

When I was trying to force myself to be happy with monogamy, I was depressed, my marriage was suffering a great deal, my daily life was most definitely impaired. I know there are a small number of therapists who are poly friendly. But the majority of therapists, in my circumstances, probably would have tried to help me become content with what's normal and accepted, rather than trying to help me embrace who I am.
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