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Default Pathology and Poly

I have been interested in judgment and diagnosis over the past several years, especially as regards sexual behavior, but also relationship life.

I started to hijack one of the blogs here and figured I'd just continue this conversation in a separate thread.

I'm particularly interested in stories and examples of people having to examine accusations/judgments/diagnoses arising from others (family, friends, sig others, etc) that preferences are pathological, that there is something wrong with us for wanting what we want.

Not just polyamory, but non-monogamy, bisexuality, monogamy, asexuality, etc.

My suspicion is we live surrounded by the message that there is something wrong with us, no matter what we choose or do and a part of our awakening is to question and ultimately discard this basic axiom. In fact, we come to embrace ourselves. There is nothing wrong with us. We are just fine precisely the way we are.

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