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I was immediately drawn to this thread because of the title. I am the daughter of an alcoholic, he has been sober for about 28 or 30 years. I always wondered if my poly tendencies were a result of needing attention and not feeling that bond for much of my childhood. Did I seek as much love as I could get as a teen and young adult because of a kind of neglect that you suffer as the child of a substance abuser? Do I have a kind of addiction to love based on insecurity? This of course is insecurity in how I view my own self I view polyamorous love as necessary to feed that craving. On the outside most people would consider me very confident and social and kind of a class-clown. I am actually quite insecure but put on a bravado to protect against criticism. I seek solitude often but at the same time considered the center of attention when I am in a social setting. I need both privacy and exposure which led to a brief but very profound addiction to alcohol. My bottom was not violent or typical but it was enough loss that I stopped drinking immediately. I recognized I was repeating my father's pathology as you mentioned. But to this day, I need a lot of love and need to love others to feel worthy. Is this making sense? I feel like I am rambling.
Anyway, I think sex can be just a primal physical expression, but when there is love, trust and real intellectual and emotional synergy then there is a spiritual connection felt. Right?

Thanks for the thread. I will being checking back often.
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