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Default Hi there, I'm really excited about meeting everyone!

Hi everyone, I am Soul.

I'm very new to polyamory, but believe me--I've done my homework. In fact, my obsession is a novel my partner and I have been writing for about seven years where the majority of "couples" are really triads. Despite this fact, I can't bring myself to ask my girlfriend if polyamory might be right for us.

I definitely elaborated on this in the "New to Polyamory" forum so I won't go into further details regarding that whole sticky situation.

Most people say I'm a lesbian for ease I suppose, but my girlfriend and I are very blatantly bisexual. I've never met another person who I have felt such a strong emotional connection to--I'm certain we've known eachother for quite a many past lives (yes, I believe in that crazy stuff.)

I believe the first time I considered polyamory was when I was laying in bed next to my girlfriend and male crush prior to doing anything sexual and we all were curled up together in this nice warm ball of people. I don't think I have ever felt so complete in my life.

I just want to be able to experience that on a regular basis. That overwhelming sense of completion. I love my girlfriend more than anything and I couldn't imagine life without her, but when all three of us were together it felt perfect.

But I digress.

I look forward to meeting you : ).
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