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Someone who loves you does not treat you like trash. Nor does someone who loves you treat the people you love like trash. From what you wrote, you've followed the rules the both of you set up, whereas he hasn't. Counseling is a good idea, even if it's just you, because you don't want this to mess with your head. Counseling for both of you is good too, but if he doesn't want to change to make himself happier, he's going to keep picking at you and cue, as well as anyone else that comes along, and there will be no saving your marriage. Part of me wants to ask why you'd want to but, i get it. I took my ex-husband back the first time he walked out on me, because I'd taken vows. I get needing to be able to be sure you did everything reasonably possible, and maybe a few unreasonably possible things, to keep you marriage intact. I hope things get better for you.
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