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I would think, it depends where you are at, as a person.

Life Ebbs and flows. Sometimes we feel more social, sometimes we hermit. Sometime we feel more active, sometimes lazier.

Same goes for sexual prowness, or how 'poly' we feel at that particular time.

If you are feeling like you could easily gravitate to having focus on your husband solely, and you feel happy with that, then yes, you could possibly enter a state of monogamy. For however long it works for you both.

On the other hand, if you are feeling more poly/love, or truly caring for people in more then one will prove to be more difficult.

The biggest question, would be asking yourself if you are doing this because you want to, or to appease others. Also, to make sure you won`t have regrets later.

Might be best to 'take a break' and revisit it later on.
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