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Red face Polyamoury and marriage

I don't know how much this varies elsewhere, but here in the UK I may not marry more than one person, in the eyes of the law.

In terms of traditions previous to this law, there are other types of wedding which exist but which are not legally recognised (or recognised by 'the church').

I would like to be able to get married and got engaged to one of my partners (Phoebe) at the weekend. But we do not know yet what kind of wedding we will have. We expect it will be a non-typical wedding and have plenty of time to decide.

I don;t like the idea that I can only marry one of my partners legally, and I wondered how others have got around this, adapted old traditional weddings, created their own, being married to one partner and another partner having less legal rights, etc. Do any Poly aware types of weddings exist (non religious ones I mean)

Would love to hear anything anyone has to say on this matter.

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