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Originally Posted by MrRusty View Post
Sorry about the double post before.

After all that heavy theory How about something totally banale:

From Junior Church

"Love is something, if you give it away (give it away, give it away)
"Love is something, if you give it away, you end up having more
"It's just like a magic penny, hold it close and you won't have any
"But give it away and you'll have plenty, you'll end up having more"
(repeat ad nauseam)

Amen to that!

That was sung in my church last Sunday, and I was struck with the poly implications. -- The first Sunday I was at this church, the special music included IMAGINE from John Lennon. That blew my mind also.. it was a major point when I was an agnostic.

Over the years, I've swung from middle of the road Methodist to conservative Baptist, to speaking in tongues Pentacostal to Seventh Day Adventist back to Methodist. Then the pendulum swung toward gradients of dis-belief... Agnostic, Atheist... Which was ... lonely.

I rather enjoy imagining God cares for me... because I moved away from my support system & friends.

Now I've started going to a Unity church... which I'm not really sure what their doctrine is.. but they are friendly, accepting and loving. A recent sign out front said, "We honor all paths to God." There are a few Wiccans in the church.
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