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I am new here so this will be my first discussion post. thought might be worth sharing my own exeprience a tad.

I have one almost teen and two almost five year olds (and am in the UK). With my eldest I kept it quiet for years - back then I lived with her other parent and I saw other partner/s away from home,

As I have matured as a polyamorous person (17 years now) I have found less and less need to hide what is not shameful - love is not adult-only. it is also hard to have any kind of relationships where people do not come to my house in order to keep total secrecy.

I agree with a few other posters that teaching our kids deceit instead of love is a bad idea. These days I give my children information on an age appropriate 'need to know' basis without complicating it with things they don't need to know. Children learn how it is without the prejudices others have. So my youngest ones probably don't understand yet that most people don't have two partners, who are sometimes there together,but they know I do and they enjoy having other caring adults in their lives - neither of my partners live with me, but they do hang out with all of us.

With so many one parent families struggling in the UK, I see no reason for me to deny my children caring relationships with safe adults as long as they always understand I am their parent and I am responsible and reliable as a parent.


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