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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Cuddle parties....*sigh*'s hard to accept something that my daughter engages in as mature behavior....I know it's judgement but that's just how I feel.
Who said we have to ALWAYS act mature?

Kids have the right idea though. If they don't feel well, what do they want? A hug to help them feel better.

Breathes is a VERY touchy feely person, unfortunately he's also got a lot of nervous energy which translates into scratching (which I love) and rubbing (usually the same spot over & over again until it's sore).

I very much need personal space, mostly for my own mental health.

I love hugs and cuddles but only when I'm in the mood. For me it's mostly just needing to feel the closeness with someone.

Agggg, need a nap and not making much sense.
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