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Default words from a noob :P

Hmmm, I'll just give my first impression based off your story

Firstly it seems there are 2 most plausible explanations for her intentions.
Either she's trying to give poly a chance because she understands that it's a big part of you, and may possibly be feeling some form of guilt now, because she's kept you from it. Seeing as how she's uncomfortable seeing you with women, it'd explain why it seems she's going for guys. It may even be possible that she's dating the guys more for you than herself. For example, the racist being a no go, aside from racism just being a deal breaker anyway, we see how that would've hinderred the possibility of you having a relationship (or sexlationship ) with him. & Just a small observation, but at least from where I'm sitting, Ace seems like a male beezy ("status" wise anyway) and she may be thinking "if he likes me, he should like Ace"..... possible???

And the second possibility is like what others have said, opportunistic. Whether this possibility is good or bad is situational. It could just be an opportunity for her to try polyamory (which I'd say is good... right?) Or worst case scenario, she's looking for a guy who'd be better accepted by her parents (but even if this is true, doesn't mean she'll leave you)... I'm just thinking while I type though, so eh

on to your jealousy, is it possible that her dating outside your relationship could've ignited guilt from your past mistakes? Just saying the negative emotion may not necessarily be jealousy...

BUT if it is jealousy, is it possible that you're nervous about the possibility that she may be dating more for a replacement than an addition?

.... again, just thinking aloud

if none of it applies, then ignore me XD
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