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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I have to say this made me chuckle rp. I have a friend like this and it is...weird. I almost find it more invading then being touched.

I would be curious as well.

I have had touchy mono friends as well Ariakas LOL! Some people like to communicate with almost everyone within thier intimate zone...usually 18 inch range to be specific. They weird me out too. The bulk of my social circle before I met Redpepper (36 years approximately) was much different in many ways. Our relationships were enjoyable but there was little energy exchange. Hugs were just hugs....we didn't cuddle. The people I have come to know in our community now are much more inclined to physical touch. But there is more than touch involved..there is an energy exchange because everyone seems to willingly let thiers out and accepts that of others. I enjoy being with people who have compatable energy but don't like sharing all types. I find much of the energy in the poly community to be too intimate for me (not necessarily sexual, but too close). I am very specific who I want intimate energy from and who I want to share mine with.

In short though..I think some mono's (read me specifially) are soo mono they don't need or want the touch of others, which means it's hard for us to understand that need/want in others....we simply don't get it...errrr I don't

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