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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Nerdist and I don't communicate often through touch. He is more of a starer. He will stare at me for long periods of time in order to figure out what is going on for me. Visual touch. The thing with that is that I get annoyed and he reads that as annoyed about stuff I'm not annoyed with. I'm annoyed that he is staring.
I have to say this made me chuckle rp. I have a friend like this and it is...weird. I almost find it more invading then being touched.

I use touch as a gauge quite often in assessing where I am at with someone. I seem to struggle sometimes with Mono's apprehension about my touching others. I find I struggle with mono rules around touching quite often. I'm not sure if Mono's concerns are because he is mono or not?... Hmmm?...
I would be curious as well.

However i don't think it can be strictly a mono thing. I have mono friends who really creep me out with how touchy they are, and I am a touchy person ...I think this is one of those, "take what it is from the individual" situations.
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