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Originally Posted by MyDemonsMyAngels View Post
I am starting to loose feeling for him...and Im not sure if its a phase or if its because of the whole poly thing....or both.... i have no clue...Im so lost...i cannot say anything for sure because I have no idea who the heck I am....
Losing feeling for some one happens in all types of relationships. It's what you do if the feeling continues which is important.
When I lost feeling for my ex wife (as a lover, not as a human as I still love her dearly as a person) I kept it to myself because I too didn't understand what was happening. Add this to a total lack of connection with myself and a twisted sense of the role sexuality played in my life and I made mistake after mistake. I had an affair and when that didn't seem to affect change I continued to make mistakes until I was finally outed from my family. If I had of been up front and understood what was happening, I may have been able to avoid hurting a lot of people and scarring my self.

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