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I'm an extrovert, with an introvert mind. In my head I'm shy, self-conscious, a loner, pessimistic, and just generally unsure of myself. But publicly I come off as a friendly people-person. I have always gotten along with most people, make friends easily, I have always had fun with my coworkers no matter where I worked, and have no reservations about talking to strangers (all of our friends are just strangers that we talked to... maybe our parents had it wrong ;-) ) but when I need to be introverted and just have time to myself, the contradiction of my physical personality as opposed to my mental personality just causes stress and pressure because I'm now expected to be the life of the party and keep everyone laughing, even at times where I don't even want to smile... it's frustrating to say the least -_-

side note, what does these 4letter combinations mean as related to your personality type??? I'd like to find out what I am :-)
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