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I'm posting a copy of the below over here because it has bloggy feel about it. The original is in the topic about extroversion & introversion.

I suspect most folks (I'm guessing!) are plenty okay about where they are on the introversion-to-extroversion spectrum, but lately I'm feeling rather boxed in as a result of my having been a lifelong introvert.

Well, I'm on my way toward ambiversion, I suspect -- and I have no doubt that a lot of folks will see me as quite extroverted, until they get to know me well. That's as a result of my being much more assertive than passive. I'm probably much more assertive than the average person. But I'm also, in some respects, probably more shy, too.

Actually, I can surprise people with my occasions of extroversion, my willingness to talk with strangers, my ability to create quick rapport with people, etc. So even I am having a little bit of a challenge understanding my shyness, which is also there.

Maybe it all roots in my childhood -- when I was the proverbial Boy Never Chosen for obligatory schoolyard ball play. That sort of thing. I was a mess, then. Trodden down at home and on the school yard. A bedwetter, a scrawny scardycat boy who made up stories about pirate treasure to try to win friends. I used to have a beadspread with football helmets on it even though I neither understood nor cared for football. I'd do anything to win the acceptance and appreciation -- the love -- that was so foreign and strange to my longing heart.

Ooops! See, there I have gone and done it again. I seem to extravert my introversion. I'm a pro!
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