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Originally Posted by sanignacio08 View Post
Hi,it seems we're in somewhat of a similar place in our lives re: the poly lifestyle.My husband and I would love to meet that special woman/couple to share our lives with,we have so much to give;unfortunately can't see it happening due to our location.

I'm also new to the forum,but welcome! There's so much to learn here.
You don't mention where you live. I've recently been looking around okcupid. There are quite a few polys there. Be open to possibilities.

In talking about this, I've found polys tend to create a setting where they are open to loving multiple people, and they find the people to love. Some people don't even know that "poly" is what they are... they've just created a relationship with more than the standard number of legs, arms, etc.

It seems that when swingers get tired of the swinging scene, some settle down into Quads or other Poly friendly groupings. Monos or singles can fold into a relationship with polys.

Don't just look for the label. Look at the person, and how they would fit into your life.

Okay, maybe you live in a remote part of Montana, and there isn't anyone nearby. There's always the option of someone coming to visit, at least for a while to establish a relationship.
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