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Believe she ment to say she WOULDN'T jump into it. And I wouldn't just leave my life here and travel half way around the world on a whim. It's a huge risk for me as well. I'm leaving everything behind. Selling everything I own. And I certainly don't want to hurt the kids. I know that they wouldn't be doing this either as children can become very attached and be crushed when things don't work out as they wouldn't understand.

We have already had several serious talks about things. Not everything has been NRE like. I can't say we're not in NRE, but we're still very realistic and thinking ahead about everything. We have had many discussions about things we haven't shared here, so believe me, we are all well aware of many things that may give us challenges. I'm sure other things will come up that we haven't thought of, but we will deal with them when they arise.
Fact is, we have discussed this thoroughly and all know what the expectations are regarding our relationship(s) and the children as well.
Sorry if this sounds a bit jumbled, just trying to orginize my thoughts and they all just kind of came tumbling out.
"Thou art to me a delicious torment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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