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Interesting encounter with a powerfully energetic, mystically inclined woman last night who is way into Human Design, which I hadn't heard of before. ( It amazes me how many systems of esoteric knowledge/insight/symbolism have been developed by humans. This one seems impossibly detailed and has one of those fascinating lineages that includes transmission by channeling, an archetypal pattern that always gets my Virgo skepticism going.

Anyway, the interesting thing about this encounter was a brief conversation about sex. My position was that it's an activity with strongly spiritual potentials, a valid path toward awakening. Hers: sex is base, lower energy, not spiritual, and people who try to spiritualize it are just trying to rationalize fucking.

It was interesting to encounter in a New Age spiritual priestess sort of persona the same kind of dismissive attitude toward sexuality that I might expect to find in a wide variety of other religious folks. I have been engaging in tentative conversations about sacred sexuality with various people and I have always been surprised by the responses, never quite what I expect.

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