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This kind of relationship work sucks doesn't it? I agree with Schrodner. If you don't keep working on finding a way to communicate then it doesn't seem to ever work in ones favour. It sucks because I find I have to shut my ego down, that has already been bruised, and suck it up for the greater good. What I have found is, in going that extra mile to have a thick skin and be a good host to those in my life I become blessed with a deeper understanding of what is going on for them and am given the gift of their trust. It has usually ended up that we have a good talk, get it all out and the natural feel good progression of that has been to understand how to communicate better and give a bit more.

A connection happens and a feeling of comradeship occurs. I actually start to care about them, like them and in turn feel better about my world and everything going on.
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