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thank you. I do feel that he has betrayed me with this woman but not in a sexual way. I know that he loves me and I too am very much in love with him and I think some people are just born poly kinda like some people are born gay and i just happened to fall in love with a poly person. I dont want to share a room because I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that he's going to be out doing things with other women/woman and come climb into bed with me. Do I take on a roll of the non-sex partner? is that still poly? How do I sort out my feelings? Am I wrong in trying to do this for my boyfriend ? Are my rules just my way of not letting this happen ? because he says he wont do it if we have to sleep apart and not make love to each other. Also while he's out with whoever he chooses what am I to do ? Sit at home and Clean? I'm so confused.
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