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Originally Posted by Irena View Post
If I may... it sounds like you did do a teeny thing wrong, in asking C out before you'd gotten your primary partner's full go-ahead. From what you've written, it sounds like S has never gotten comfortable with the idea of your seeing someone else, and from her perspective it might look as though you used her being out of town to go behind her back and do something she wasn't okay with.
As I understand it, S asked for a DADT, and pro built a friendship with C under the impression that's what S wanted. But HE was not comfortable with DADT, so before he actually went on a date, fell in love, had sex with C, he checked in with S.

If S had known about C when things were building, and you probably had the thought long before you asked her out, she would have time to deal with the idea before it became an immediate situation.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I just tried to find a post i wrote on compromise... i could find it. I wanted to just say that i don't think we should any of us compromise. i think that indicates that we are settling for something because what we really need is not available to us.
Do you draw the line in love, or is that an overall rule? There are so many situations in our lives where compromise is necessary, where we both want complete opposites on a given issue. Like when we just bought dh an RV to live in for work, and he wanted the 20K one that's 5 years old, and I wanted to spend only cash we had on hand, so we got one that wiped out our rainy day fund but didn't require a loan and still had the amenities he needs.
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