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Originally Posted by chefett View Post
My boyfriend wants a poly relationship, Im trying to adjust my thinking habits about relationships to help him out with this but i have a few rules. rule number one.... If/when he finds his second we must sleep in separate rooms every night. Rule number 2 a certain woman he wants he can not have due to the fact that i found some not so good emails between the two of them. He says they are just friends. am i being unreasonable ?
I'm wondering if he has found poly because he wants to include that one woman you don't want him to have? I'm thinking you feel he has already crossed a line with her and see her as a person he has betrayed you with. That would be hard to accept but it does happen. If you don't want to share a bed with him when he finds a secondary, that indicate that you won't be doing this for the right reasons. Perhaps you should consider being with someone who you will want to spend each night with?

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