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Talking I Just Met You, and I Love You!

I really enjoyed the movie Up, hahaha.
Okay, so my name is Shaylee. I'm eighteen, I'll be in school in the fall, and I'm bisexual. I'm planning on getting a degree in early childhood education and I think I'll write on the side. I'm not religious and I smoke. It seems that my lack of guilt about both of these is a bit of a problem around here. I've only been in one polyamorous relationship and while I found that I really enjoyed it, it didn't really work out. So I'm single now, which is only awesome some of the time... I guess I joined this site because I want to know how to sustain a real poly relationship. I live in this smallish town in Texas and most here don't seem to know what polyamory is.
I am so bad at this and will add details because this introduction is sad.

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