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Good Subject.

I am very hands-off to people I don`t know. I did not like strangers touching me when I was pregnant, nor even family and friends touching my belly when I was pregnant. I`m slightly irritated if someone I don`t know, in a social situation, puts their hands on me to move past me, rather then just asking me to move.

However I don`t tend to stew over things that others don`t know or understand.
If it is truly harmless, I don`t say a word....but If someone touches me that hasn`t spoke to me beforehand, as a come-on, I am not pleased.

Now that I sound like a total prude,....

I am fine with hugs hello, and good-bye from people I have good first impressions with, or obviously likeable people I know socially, family, and friends.

Cuddling would be for romantic interests only.(Outside of my kids and husband,... I could hug and cuddle forever !) I very much try and do cuddling at a level that feels compatable to both of us cuddling. My amount of cuddling is very mood oriented, but however my fellow cuddlers feel is very cool with me. I find I am very understandable to various amounts in different individuals.

Long as it isn`t overkill. I don`t care to be mauled.

I could not do the 'group hug' scenario, or community cuddling type of stuff. Ever. Not even to appease. lol
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