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Default Attraction to BDSM


I can only speak for myself on this subject. If there are others out there who may have input to help, I would appreciate any you could give.

I have always felt drawn to poly even befor I had a name for it. I found I had a heart that was too big and needs that were to varied for just one person to help fulfill.

So, to answer your question, some of my needs tended twards the kinkier side of life. I have always wanted to serve someone who would be responsible for Me, take care of Me, allow Me to be who I Am.

I also have always envisioned hanging and torture of the whiping style. I also have had imaginings of being tied and bound. I always felt safe with these things not scared and harmed.......They always seemed to be what was missing from my life.

These have haunted me since I was a small girl. For as long as I can remember.

Now that I am an adult, I have found a community that is accepting of these things. In fact, like the Poly Community, they encourage communication and honesty among their members. The people involved really do care about the safety and health of those they have around them. They tend to look out for each other.

I think for me, it is the community that I seek and the ability to find the limits of Me. I also really want to build my family in such a way that all parts of Me are taken care of. Some of my needs have to do with taking care of others and serving as they wish me to.

For some, the Poly Community takes care of their needs.....for others, it takes a bit more.

I guess it is the "bit more" that attracts Me to the BDSM lifestyle.

If you have any more questions, please ask...I will answer if I can.

Be well

I, personally, don't understand the attraction to the BDSM "lifestyle". Can you explain that so that I might better understand the attraction?[/QUOTE]
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