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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
In other words, you either let it go, both of you make some compromise, you both agree to disagree and the line of discussion ends, or one of you apologizes.
I just tried to find a post i wrote on compromise... i could find it. I wanted to just say that i don't think we should any of us compromise. i think that indicates that we are settling for something because what we really need is not available to us. i don't stop at a compromise and don't expect that my loves would to. If I am settling for something temporarily then that is different, but to settle indefinitely is just not comfortable or going to work for me. More work needs doing until everyone concerned is satisfied with the result and has their needs met. Sometimes that means I need to adjust my ideas and figure out different ways of looking at something or finding satisfaction in giving. I need to work towards the end result as much as anyone else. I would expect the same. To me it seems that if a compromise is happening then the real root of the needs is not being addressed and we need to dig deeper to find it.
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