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Originally Posted by Propast View Post
We've identified that we weren't as strong as we thought: there were little jealousies, lack of attention, poor communication that were creeping in. This was causing a growing feeling of imbalance. Because we tend to overthink and talk ourselves into downward spirals, we're taking time to just ENJOY life and time together again.
Oh how i get this. It may be that this is all that is going on and a balanced needs to be established again. Nothing like a new lover for someone to bring up all the old questions, concerns and doubts... well, get the work done and see where it heads to. If nothing comes of this new interest of yours I would think that at least your vee will be stronger for it.

It sounds like your lady is back in the game and sitting up and noticing your seriousness on this. I'm glad some reassurances have helped. It sounds like more talk is coming in the future and that more connection and bond will be established in doing so. Happy times...hard, but so necessary.
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