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Default 19 year relationship changing

I am new to the world of polyamory. My long time (19 years) boyfriend has reconnected with an old girlfriend and has told me that they were separated by their parents 2 years before we started dating. You know, the young and stupid and believe what your told by your parents story. Anyway, he still loves her and is finding it difficult to deny that he may want to rekindle their romance. He still loves me and doesn't want to lose me during their getting to know one another again. I am trying to be open minded about this as he is happier now then he has been in some years. It is almost like he pushed all of the things that happened between them into a compartment in his head and is giddy that he can let them out again.

I am not concerned that he will not love me anymore and polyamory is something that he brought to my attention last year, before he reconnected with her. I am still nervous about how this will work out in the end but as they are a state away from each other for now, they are just renewing their friendship.

I was just wondering if anyone else has been through something similar and how they adjusted to adding a new person into their on going original relationship. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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