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Originally Posted by Endicott View Post
Nice way to be... and when the time comes and you want to take the dive, you'll be well informed. Good for you!
It's actually very self serving.. I dated the same man for 20 years. Everything has changed. While individuals may still act in traditional ways, the general culture has moved beyond the rules I learned as a teen. (Women don't call men. Don't kiss on the first date. Don't have sex to avoid getting pregnant. If a man pays for dinner, he'll expect sex. etc.)

So learning from y'all... I see the broader picture. Eventually I may become involved in a poly relationship... but I'd have to start with myself.. with the communication skills, and strategies. Because I've got options now. --but I don't have time to act on every option.

and I really do love Heinlein, and it is time to hunt down The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and read it again.
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