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thanks much for the love. hanging out with cue and L yesterday was great...i felt like i could actually relax and not be paranoid about what i said and did. again, i know a lot of that is "the shiny", but hey, i'll take the lack of tension when i can get it right now!

i am so freaked out by the idea of leaving. i love this house. it was totally my dream home and despite what perm has said, i feel like i have worked hard to make it feel like home. my family will freak. i mean like giant flaming abyss of catholic family drama freak...the thought makes me absolutely shudder. our mutual friends who (at perm's insistence) don't know about our arrangement will freak. and it will be really easy for him to make me out to be the bad guy: "well obviously she was cheating on me with that guy who was always around"...whereas he can easily write off his girlfriends because he was so careful to keep them at arm's length.

lesson learned, self. lesson learned. be honest, be open, be real, and listen to that little voice when it tells you something's not quite right.


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