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Originally Posted by Superjast View Post
I was mostly with your opinion, until ;

'I wont accept the “no time to write a thank you” – that’s just bad manners.'

You,..won`t,...'accept' ?

That sounds rather odd. As if by contacting them, they owe you something.

Your thread definetly sits wrong with me.
I think you mis-interpreted my message.

I said I won't accept that people do not have time for a courtesy.
We all have time for courtesy.

I'm a big boy and respect peoples choice of action. But I take issue with people saying they are too busy for common courtesy. Whether in the store. The parking lot. The hotel check-in counter. Or online.

I accept online dating does not require people to be courteous, and because people don't have to courteous, they wont.

Why does our behavior online become different in person.

Why the trolls? Why the callousness?

I have no hint of an answer, other than anonymity breeds bad manners. That we act courteous not because its right, but because we suffer if we are rude. But online, there is no penalty for rudeness.

It takes away from the humanity we are all looking for.

My are now returned to your regular web browsing.
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