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Default running

So, I recently took up running again after many years of delaying due to pregnancy and child rearing....

I started with walking... I weighed much more than I do now and it took a long time to get a speed walk into 45 mins. I have expanded my route now that I run. I run to the ocean every night.... I also started swimming this winter again too. I feel great even if it is hard to fit into my already busy schedule.

I am hoping to run the local half marathon with my co-worker by October. Ha, if I can run the route on my own I will be happy.

My body has changed since then though! I didn't used to need special bras for sure..... those three years of breast feeding weren't good to me apparently. Poor old ladies.... heh

Any runners amongst us? Anyone know the advantages of running at a gym or outside? Anyone know a good bra or shoes for that matter? Anyone have any stories of training they would like to share?
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