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I'm really sorry if my question caused you to think defensively. I would also think that way too if I were asked questions that are so upfront. Although I am very welcoming of candor such as my own,,, how else will I ever really feel that what goes on in my life is okay without it being challenges by someone.

Please know that I ask because I care about the three of you and your kids. For me there was not enough to feel like you will all be safe emotionally and that you weren't all in a state of NRE. It is indeed a great feat that you have achieved such a level of closeness at such a distance. I'm glad that you are realizing the difficulties that may or may not come up. Especially where your kids are concerned.

I guess my concerns come from my own experiences of on line/on the phone dating relationships... I have also heard a few disasters about people moving across the world to be with people, giving up everything to do so and then are left destitute and with nothing.... I am NOT saying that this will happen to the three of you, just challenging it a little so as to hopefully create some space for you to perhaps talk about unspoken stuff and to make my self feel like this is a different case.

I wouldn't be poly if I were not radically honest now would I. It has served me well in becoming ultra close to my "family" in all ways, but it isn't easy and I don't always ask questions or express myself in a way that is sensitive, if this has been the case here, I am truly sorry for that.
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