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I agree with Irena about seemingly going behind her back at first and not letting her know of your crush... was she angry because she didn't want to know about you finding love elsewhere? Or was it other reasons? She did say she didn't want to know after all.... not the best idea on her part, but...

I would wonder what is going on for her that she is lacking in confidence. What has gone on that she is so fearful of you finding another love. All questions to ask and get talking about. All of you. In our Vee we talk about everything and I mean everything. If we didn't then this sort of imbalance would occur.

Are you kidding! I would love to hold up with me and my two men all cozy, no chance of anyone else coming in. I don't want the change, I don't want the drama and emotional upheaval, I want them and only them to have to talk about (okay, Derby too, among other loves,,,, but all mine! )

Reality sucks! It's just not an option and I hope I never fall into such complacency as this.... there is no such thing as a *poly princess.* Believe me there isn't for long anyway... it all comes crashing down to the reality of, we are all people who have needs, and a right to freedom, respect and compassion... time for her to get on board and live in the real poly world (poor dear )

I hope your woman starts catching up. Maybe she should do some reading on here, ask her own questions... start her own process, because if she doesn't then she will eventually lose you and the world she loves.... it just can't ever stay the same. Ever. Life is just not like that.
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