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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Just tell them they're both important people in your life and you want them to meet each other! Just like if it was a member of your family or your best male buddy. You make it sound so sinister! There's nothing sinister about it! This is what people do!

You weren't raised Catholic by any chance, were you?
Well that just seems way to simple It makes sense though, just not the way a lot of people think. I guess I feel that if I asked my GF to do that then she would think I was not over my ex (which is true) and put her in a weird spot. If I asked my ex to do that that I would be rubbing the new relationship in her face making her hurt more.

The key to that is in red. So this apparently is my issue, but there has to be some truth to it. Usually when a relationship is over it is over unless there is something like kids involved which there is not.

I was not raised under any religion. Just raised to be a good person, not to intentionally hurt people, be free and proud of who you are.
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