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Ouch, that sucks!

My ex decided she wasn't comfortable with poly and broke things off. Since then, she's hooked up in a mono pair and had her heart broken. He apparently (from what she's said) doesn't love her in the fashion that she loves him, yet she's still with him. That sad situation is apparently more satisfying to her than being in a poly tangle where she was loved and supported.

I don't think it really has to do with whether or not they know it'll be painful for us or not. I think they're just driven by something to mono pairings, whether or not those pairings are as safe, supportive, and loving as a poly arrangement. They developed differently than we did and can only seem to relate in that one fashion.

Doesn't make it any less painful to understand that while going through a breakup, though. It still hurts like the dickens.

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