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We men are by nature very possessive and controlling. HA! I hear it already, someone on this board is gonna call me out on that statement, Not all men are that way. When my wife and I were swingin, it didn't bother me that there other people that I shared her with. Hell we were both sharing. Then when she found her high school sweetie, I just knew he was gonna try to take her away from me. Now I see that most of the negative thoughts that I have are my own doing. My wife and I are on the verge of splitting up because of my mind. Your hubby sees your male friend as a threat, plain and simple. If it helps, think of your hubby as a male dog. He's protecting what is his, you. He is marking his territory, you. These are the things that I'm trying to get under control so I don't drive my love away. Its very hard for me to look at the wifes highschool sweety as a friend instead of an enemy. Don't give up. If I can grow and learn, I bet your hubby can too! If he is willing, let him read this forum. Theres lots of good success stories here. Thats what I have been doin and its helping.
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