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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
agreed that talking with the GF is probably a better way to go.

@solarwindsfly-I am not on board with compromise. If there is a compromise then that indicates to me that someone is missing out. No one should be missing out, but should understand the limitations and agree with the scenario. There should not be hard feels on an on going basis as this would be compromise. It is possible to do poly without that and in my life, that is preferable. Communication is number one... definitely agree with that

I see no reason why this shouldn't work in theory... it's the women in your life that will indicate that. They should meet, get to know each other, hopefully become friends or at least friendly and come to the understanding on their own time and in their own way. This can't go by your agenda as that would be pushing them... it seems to me that pushing and not being patient leads to heart ache and eventual unsustainability.
Thank you. I have read a lot of the other stuff you have wrote on this site and it helps. I am usually a spontaneous, jump on it right away cause it feels good now kinda guy. From reading this site I have found I need to slow down and look at all sides of things if I really want something like this to work.
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