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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
^harsh ygirl?

I like the term cowboy/cowgirl, it's pretty accurate and funny. I'd say the only problem with it is that the cowboy/cowgirl try to rope people in subconsciously sometimes. I say "Virus", is a more appropriate term...hahaha

I think you're being double teamed with the cowgirl and your boyfriend's issues with your poly ideals/way of life. In the least it's just another bad sign.

Haha no worries, I kinda figured that's what it meant or something to that effect. I would think the whole double teaming would be accurate except my boyfriend was the poly one and I was a mono until he introduced me to the concept, and I have no problem with it (as I've had other relationships during ours). He is still looking to date etc. I just feel like something isn't right still. Y'know woman's intuition and all
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