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Originally Posted by Noname View Post
Also I was talking to a friend the other night that knows my ex a little and the GF decent. Her big question for me was what does my GF get out of this. It was a valid question and one I had no idea how to answer. Any thoughts?

What your GF gets out of this is that she gets to have other partners too if she wants. The same goes for the Ex. If you get to have more than one partner, so do they.

And I agree with talking to the GF first. If it gets "weird" because of this then it's not a very stable relationship and you're probably not going to be able to get through any crisis without it getting "weird" even if the two of you stay monogamous.

If I were your GF, I'd like to think you'd have the faith in me to talk with me BEFORE your Ex. I mean, she's an "Ex" for a reason, presumably, so you should prioritize the person you are WITH in my opinion. You should give your GF that respect if indeed you do respect her.

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