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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
The man who introduced me to poly was a bit like this, in my experience anyway. I fell in love with all the philosophies of poly he introduced me to. Clear, respectful communication. He described scenarios of wanting to kiss another woman, but phoning first to check in. I was allowed to ask to meet her first, etc. All of his words seemed so respectful and the way poly was introduced on "paper" seemed like it held so much integrity and mature communication.

However, his actions were more what was described in this thread. It became apparent after several weeks, to me anyway, that actually, he really loved the attention from women and loved feeling powerful and popular. He particularly seemed to like showing off a) the size of his penis (seriously) and b) his ability to get other men's girlfriends/wives to want him.

I found it completely disgusting!
After being introduced to poly this way, what made you realize there was something better out there? Did you end this relationship and then go looking for what you really wanted?
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