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I don't like fear very much, it makes me do stupid things. It sits on my shoulder whispering insidious things in my ear. I'm going to have to tape it's mouth, that or buy some decent earphone and drown it out. One way or another fear has to shut up and take a back seat on this one. I don't need another back seat driver telling me to watch out for the cow in the field on the far side of the road, as if said cow is going to suddenly get it into it's head to jump the ditch and charge my car doing 90 down a motorway.
I waited 9 months for her before, I can bloody well do it again!
*stomps off to make coffee* Man I need a coffee, maybe Matilda would like one too. Now do I make instant or drag out the coffee maker ... decisions decisions.....
Anger from the past merely destroys the future - Me
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