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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I would think anyone who had a problem with the sanctity of a bed or space that is special to a couple is suffering a bad case of the toddler's syndrome; Me,me,me, why,why,why.
Hm. This strikes me as not only strangely dismissive, but also kind of unimaginative.

Like, if I was dating someone who told me that they had a sanctified piece of furniture, and that because that piece of furniture was sanctified that we couldn't have sex on it, I would definitely want to ask questions about that. It suggests a view of the sacred that is pretty far from mine, and also suggests that there's something about having sex with me that is profane, both of which I'd want to do some discussion around.

As I said earlier, I think it's odd to have rules about specific pieces of furniture, but people are, you know, quirky. If someone just straight-up said, "Date nights are Thursdays and every second Saturday, we need to always use barriers, and we can't use the bed" I'd shrug that off as a quirk. But if someone starts getting into this religious stuff around 'sanctity', that starts sounding like a much bigger deal and maybe even potentially problematic.
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